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On 27th September Generation Nutrition organised a webinar entitled 'How can aid and domestic financing for nutrition be scaled up?'
Only half of the states with the highest levels of malnutrition have set national targets on wasting, stunting or exclusive breastfeeding.
Campaign partners call for (and obtain!) the World Health Assembly's backing for national nutrition targets.
Generation Nutrition launches new call for donors and governments to radically scale up funding for the fight against child malnutrition.
Water and sanitation issues are inextricably linked to nutrition: to improve the nutrition situation in West Africa this link must be better reflected in policy-making at all levels.
The UN has agreed today to include wasting and stunting in the list of indicators that will be used to measure progress on the SDGs.
Generation Nutrition calls for an additional commitment of €1 billion by the EU in event in European Parliament.
In our new factsheet and video, we explore the links between poor water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and child malnutrition.
40 civil society organisations have launched a new Generation Nutrition platform in Nepal.
On World Food Day, Generation Nutrition UK calls on the British Government to “pledge big” at next year’s Nutrition for Growth Summit in Rio
Nearly 20 million children stand to benefit if the new global target in the SDGs on acute malnutrition gets implemented. Your support on the petition has been critical.
Something big is happening in London, UK. Join us in September to light the way to a better world.
The campaign continues to grow, with the launch of a new EU advocacy coalition.
With less than four months to go until the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are adopted, we look at where things stand in the text on acute malnutrition.
In this blog, we introduce you to Femy Mahimpit, Municipal Nutrition Officer in the Philippines and Campaign Ambassador for Generation Nutrition.
One year ago today, we launched Generation Nutrition. Read here to find out what happened next!
An adequate diet with all the essential nutrients is necessary for the well-being & health of all people, including those with TB!
This World Water Day we explore the links between water and child malnutrition.
On Wednesday, a delegation of Generation Nutrition partners handed in our petition to the Irish Ambassador to the UN, David Donoghue.
We need your voice to make acute malnutrition a thing of the past!
British Parliamentarians support the fight against child malnutrition
Take action to ensure UK decision-makers are doing all they can to help us reach a 15-year target to safeguard millions of children from life-threatening malnutrition.
Nearly five million Filipino families said they experienced hunger last year. It's time to turn this around, says Generation Nutrition in the Philippines.
Why is Universal Health Care so important for the fight against acute malnutrition?
Generation Nutrition highlights 12 facts about acute malnutrition you might not know and how you can use your voice for change.
Combatting malnutrition has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years but we urgently need larger financial commitment from governments, says Generation Nutrition in the UK.
Global Nutrition Report highlights need for faster progress on cutting this life-threatening condition.
Generation Nutrition publishes its proposal for a 2030 target on cutting levels of acute malnutrition in children under-five.
First step towards post-2015 target on acute malnutrition achieved but there’s still a long way to go.
When you mention Ethiopia and nutrition, people are reminded of the devastating famines of the 1980s which led to hundreds of thousands of deaths.
Never before in human history have we been so forewarned of what would happen if we neglect undernutrition.
Why agenda item 13.2 at the World Health Assembly is important for us
On 24th April, we launched a new global initiative to tackle the potentially fatal condition which affects 1 in 12 children across the world: acute malnutrition.
For many communities good nutrition is not just an afterthought, it’s a matter of survival.
This week marks World Vision’s second Global Week of Action for the Child Health Now campaign - activity is taking place in more than 65 countries.
In the last ten years the number of severely malnourished children who receive treatment has risen from just a couple of hundred thousand to around 3 million per year.
We can put an end to child deaths from malnutrition. The power is in all of our hands to stop young children dying from life-threatening hunger.