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We can be the generation to stop children dying of hunger



Efforts to defeat child malnutrition won’t succeed without more money to pay for improvements in healthcare, education, water and sanitation, and food production.

Giving children the best start in life, by ensuring good nutrition, helps the child; but it helps whole countries and economies too. Currently, only 4% of development aid has a direct impact on nutrition.

We want aid donors and governments to make three commitments in 2016/17:

1. A doubling of aid for nutrition, to be achieved by 2020 and based on a verifiable baseline figure.

2. A specific budget line for nutrition within national health budgets.

3. All countries who made a financial pledge at the London Nutrition for Growth Summit should ensure they are on track to meet it.

It’s time to fill the funding gap.

‘READ THE REPORT: Nutrition Funding: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle’

Here's the plan

World Leaders Act Now
Together our voices are stronger. Our leaders will hear our call to urgently provide needed resources and act to reduce the number of dangerously malnourished children by millions every year.
Support Communities
Governments can empower communities to cut the number of children who become dangerously malnourished and treat those who do by ensuring access to the basics: healthcare, water and nutritious food
Every Child has a future
Together, every year we could save the lives of 1 million children and make sure that over 50 million others have the chance to not only survive, but thrive.

Campaign news

On 27th September Generation Nutrition organised a webinar entitled 'How can aid and domestic financing for nutrition be scaled up?'
Only half of the states with the highest levels of malnutrition have set national targets on wasting, stunting or exclusive breastfeeding.